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What you’re about to read is based on what we see on a daily basis in our shop. We definitely have a lot to say on this topic! Sometimes sales departments and experts tell people things like, “your car will tell you when it’s time to change the oil,” or “your car is so advanced that it doesn’t need oil changes but every 10,000 miles.”

We say that you should take an active roll in deciding when your engine oil should be changed. Why? Because on average, one vehicle per month rolls through the Colchin shop with a severely damaged or “blown” engine due to oil neglect. Our simple answer:

Change engine oil more often – it’s the cheapest thing you’ll ever pay for in terms of vehicle care, and this approach will pay you back in the form of many years of reliable service from your engine.

At some point we have to give a number – so 4,000 to 5,000 miles for engine oil service. Yes, engine and oil technology have improved dramatically from what it was prior to year 2000. This is why we no longer (in most cases) recommend 3,000-mile intervals for service. What hasn’t changed are people – we still put miles on our vehicles, we still sit (endlessly) at stop lights, we still sit in traffic jams – all while the engine is running and no miles are going onto the odometer.


Prices start at $45. Colchin Automotive is competitive on all levels. But we ask that you call for pricing – why? There are so many variables. Year, make, model, gas, diesel, or hybrid power options; manufacturer requirements for oil types – see where we’re going? Unfortunately even a simple answer to a simple question isn’t simple anymore. Just call us – we play fair. Don’t forget to factor in your 4th oil change at no to low cost when comparing prices.

Waiting vs Drop-Off

Some of you may want to hang with us while your vehicle gets serviced and that’s great – we set up our waiting area to include coffee, water, and magazines. However there will come a time when the service needs of your vehicle will require more time than is practical for you to wait for us to fix it. After all you’ve got a life to live and things to do – Options abound with Uber, friends, rental cars, bicycles, Light Rail, scooters, hover boards, horses, zip lines and the like.

Our core belief: proper care of your vehicle revolves around solid information about what your vehicle actually needs. Solid information can only be obtained through spending quality inspection time with your vehicle and reviewing service history records. It’s better for you when you drop your vehicle off to give us a window of time to work in your best interest. When everyone is constantly in a big bad hurry – things get missed. When things get missed – things go wrong. When things go wrong – it gets more expensive.

But the light on my dash says…

Many vehicles are equipped with service reminder computers. These systems are programmed by people – therefore they are not perfect. Our daily experience has shown that by the time the computer tells you to change your engine oil, the engine has already begun to use (consume) the oil from inside your engine. Why does this matter? Because the oil level goes low. And in some cases really low and the engine is damaged = big money = not cool.

When the cost of changing engine oil is the cheapest thing you’ll ever pay for in terms of vehicle care, why would you ever take the risk of damaging your engine costing yourself thousands of dollars? Please let the Colchin Automotive team help you avoid a vehicular upset.

It goes beyond just changing your engine oil.

Your vehicle has or will have maintenance needs. How are you going to know about them if someone doesn’t tell you? When oil change intervals are so spread out, we don’t get to inspect your vehicle as often as we should. This can and does lead to neglect, and in some cases, safety concerns. Your over-all maintenance strategy needs to revolve around something – and that should be engine oil service.

Another thing: it’s easy to think that we’re just trying to get more money from you when we do inspections on your vehicle – we can see how this perspective develops, especially when the information coming from an inspection is inaccurate AND it’s not prioritized. Our duty as professionals is to accurately compile legitimate service needs for each vehicle, then prioritize it. Once prioritized, then and only then, does the information we’re presenting to you begin to make sense. This is basic stuff but very few auto shops perform this process successfully. Colchin Automotive does and we’re good at it – why? Because we treat others as we would want to be treated.

What’s been said here does not cover all possible situations on earth – but it’s enough for you to recognize that more frequent service stacks the odds in favor of you. 

Furthermore there will be Youtube videos, articles and tech papers and people that contradict what we’ve said here. Some of what they say will be correct, but we argue with cost / benefit analysis, based on what we see by the vehicles that come through our shop in Arvada, Colorado.

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