Welcome to the most women friendly auto repair shop in the Denver, CO area!

ColchinStill012Hi, My name is Kerry Colchin; I am co-owner of Colchin Automotive in Arvada, CO. Many of our customers are moms, grandmothers, wives, aunts, and daughters; they drive all sorts of vehicles from luxury cars to minivans, trucks and SUVs. Despite how integral their vehicles are to their daily life, many women feel uncomfortable and often intimidated, in auto repair shops.

Over the years, sensing a void in the automotive repair market, my husband Todd, a 32-year veteran of the automotive repair industry, and I have made many changes to our 28-year-old family owned business, making it a woman friendly-business to accommodate women’s needs.

We take the time to explain things in English instead of “mechanic” language, and we love to invite women into the shop to look at their vehicles so they can see and understand what a good or bad part looks like. We’ve created literature which is available for our clients to take home to educate themselves so they are enabled to make smart, educated decisions about their vehicles. (Our male customers love it, too). You’ll also appreciate that our reception area is clean and the beautiful waiting area comes complete with freshly brewed coffee and free wireless internet service. In the service area, the technicians are just as clean & organized, the floor is clean & tools are put away.
You’ll notice that we put a lot of emphasis on preventive maintenance here at Colchin Automotive. We find it interesting that women in particular have a great appreciation for prevention when it comes to keeping their vehicles on the road. This is a smart approach ladies! We believe in prevention because it helps keep your car, and therefore you and anyone in your car, safe. To help you keep your auto running safely we offer free 6-month auto safety inspections. Our female customers in particular love this service and we even send you a reminder so you don’t have to remember to take advantage of this free service.
More and more, women are having to deal with auto maintenance items in their household, whether there’s a man at home or not. Understanding your car maintenance needs will help you feel more confident in your decisions. We’ll be conducting Car Care Clinics beginning in 2013. Visit www.ColchinCarCareClinics.com for our clinic schedule.


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