Preventive Maintenance can Avoid a Costly Auto Repair

At Colchin Auto in Arvada, We Make it Easy

It is important to keep up with the routine maintenance of your vehicle to keep it operating efficiently and extend its useful life. If you don’t have mechanical experience, or just don’t like doing the work yourself, we’ll be happy to have one of our qualified mechanics do your vehicle maintenance for you.

Something as simple as an oil change is an easy way to keep your vehicle running well. Letting it go too long could cause your engine to build up old, sludgy oil that can clog the ports of your engine, reducing the amount of oil getting to where it’s needed. This results in poor engine performance and can lead to costly repairs.

Vehicle maintenance doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming. There are many simple things you can do yourself that take only a few minutes. To help you keep tabs on your preventive maintenance items for your vehicle, print our handy guide and checklist. That will keep you on track and give you a convenient record of the vehicle’s care.

We also offer a FREE 6-month vehicle inspection to help you keep on top of these crucial maintenance items. If you’re uncomfortable performing some of these checks, or just don’t have the time, we’re happy to help. Please call us at 303-431-5421 to learn more about our vehicle inspection program and our Oil Change Program: Buy 3 oil changes and the 4th one is FREE.

Remember… the small things you do regularly can add years to the life of your car and save money down the road.  Many of the checks can be performed at home, or while you’re at the gas station filling up your tank.

Call Colchin Auto at 303-431-5421 for more information. We are your local, community auto repair shop serving Arvada, Wheat Ridge and the great Denver area.

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