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Getting Your Vehicle Ready For SummerSummer’s heat, dust and stop-and-go traffic will take their toll on your vehicle. Add the effects of last winter and the stage is set for some badly needed fix-ups. You can reduce the odds for trouble and have peace of mind through preventive check-ups for your car. Here are some tips;

Air Conditioning System:

Air Conditioning (AC) systems are one of the most neglected systems in most vehicles, they just keep pumping out the cool air summer after summer, but what most people don’t realize is the system deteriorates over time. Then one day you notice the system is just not cooling as it once did. Slowly your AC system condenser plugs with road debris, system oil breaks down, moisture forms internally, the cabin air filter becomes clogged and refrigerant gas can leak out. All this means rising temperatures and potential harm to AC system components. Have our ASE certified technicians examine your cars AC system for service needs – We’ll get you ready for Colorado’s summer heat.

Cooling System:

Many people confuse “Cooling” with “Air Conditioning” when referencing vehicles and understandably so. The cooling system in your car is responsible for “radiating” or getting rid of excess heat generated by the engine or Hybrid system. Road debris, damage and other undesirables cause your cooling system to become inefficient which leads to poor performance, increased fuel consumption, over-heating, diminished Air Conditioning performance and eventually a trip to the break down lane and a nice long conversation with the tow driver. Sounds fun right? – Not! Schedule your free inspection appointment so we can inspect the cooling system in your car and make the appropriate recommendations for reliable cooling system performance.

Engine Oil:

Not much needs to be said here – Change it more often than not – oil servicing is by far the least expensive service you can have done to your vehicle. Why gamble $35 against $$$big bucks damage from running engine oil too long? We offer a Buy 3 get the 4th oil change free punch tag system – take advantage of it – it’s free and you have the added benefit of the Colchin crew caring for your car.

Other Fluids:

Your car depends on Antifreeze (coolant), Brake fluid, Transmission fluid, Power Steering fluid, Gear lubricants, etc. just to make it move down the road. Ask us about setting a service schedule to help you proactively address servicing the “Other Fluids” your vehicle uses.

Engine Performance Maintenance:

Fuel filter, spark plugs, air filter, fuel system, induction system, emission control systems – they all need love too, not nearly as often as older cars once did but you gotta let em know you still care otherwise your MPG will fall off or your Check Engine light will let you know about it. We’ll advise you of what, when and how much – call us.

Battery, Starting and Charging:

If you want to get going you’ve got to have electricity – especially in a Hybrid. Routine service visits will allow our technicians to keep a watchful eye on critical systems such as Starting and Charging. If you notice changes in the way your car starts or if the battery goes low or dead after using the radio for a short period with the engine turned off, these are signs that something is deteriorating. Let us know what symptoms you are seeing with your car, this will help us to determine the source of trouble.

Lights and Wipers:

Ahhhh – the easy stuff…..yes, you can conduct a light check on your own vehicle as well as inspect the wiper blades and washer fluid but if you just don’t want to, that’s why you have us at Colchin Auto. We run a light check every time we do an oil service or safety inspection.

Brakes Steering and Suspension:

Brakes, Steering and Suspension are something we won’t joke about, these are safety systems that cannot be underestimated. Routine inspections are a must when it comes to safety and again these are items we routinely inspect during oil changes. We’ll keep you informed of upcoming brake service or steering components that are developing wear. The whole idea is to keep you safe on the road and allow time for you to budget for the expense. Set an appointment for your next service or safety inspection.


As with everything else we inspect tires every time we have your car in for Oil Service, brakes and many other service operations. We’ll be adding tire sales to our menu as soon as we have our tire program ready, stay tuned for more as we move through 2013.

When it comes to caring for your vehicle(s), be sure to choose an automotive shop that employs ASE certified Advisors and Technicians and, more importantly, make sure they care!

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