Ford Experts

Repairing Fords Since 1984

Colchin Automotive and Diesel has been repairing Fords since 1984. Ford Motor Company is one of the oldest auto manufacturers in the world. Ford Motor Company is responsible for developing the first assembly line for its Model T and subsequently the world’s first “moving” assembly line. Mass production of the automobile had begun bringing affordable personal transportation to the masses.
At Colchin Automotive we are proud to posses the capability, knowledge and experience required to effectively maintain and repair modern-day Ford motor vehicles. Colchin Automotive and Diesel, Inc. is a powerful alternative to the Dealer experience. We hope you’ll join us by giving us the opportunity to serve you and your family.

Ford Cars

In the mid 1970s Todd and Clay Colchin began their careers in automotive by restoring Ford cars from the 1960s era. Of course we moved on to adapt to the modern-day vehicle and up-to-the minute repair techniques and processes. Ford Motor Company competes on a world stage and builds some of the best cars available.

Ford Trucks

Ford light trucks are a mainstay at Colchin Automotive and Diesel, Inc. just as they are with the American driving public. As of 2011 Ford’s F150 continues to be the best selling Pickup in America. We like em and we drive em too.

Ford SUVs and Crossover Utility Vehicles

Ford Motor Company first produced the Ford Explorer in 1991. Prior to this vehicle there were “utility” vehicles like the Ford Bronco but they were crude, rough-driving, and not very comfortable. Since then the acronym SUV has become a household word derived of course from “Sport Utility Vehicle”. As of late we have “CUV” which denotes the vehicle as a Crossover Utility Vehicle. CUVs have proven to be very popular due to the marriage of features borrowed from both cars and SUVs. The combined features of the CUV make it attractive because you can enjoy comfort and luxury yet still haul the kids and the dog without the physical size of an SUV or a truck.

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