Brake Service & Repairs

A person can get brakes replaced or repaired just about anywhere – including the neighbors driveway. The most important question you can ask is “What am I going to get for the money I spend?” The best advice we can give you is to do your homework by asking a lot of questions and do a lot of reading on the subject.
Here’s how it works at Colchin Automotive. We listen to you with the goal of solving the problem in the most practical manner.
1. Listen to your description of the problem.
2. Review history records for the vehicle.
3. Road test to verify complaints.
4. Perform a thorough inspection of the entire brake system.
5. Document all information about your brake system.
6. Estimate any needed repairs.
7. Advise you of the best path to correction as well as any other safe options.
Everyone agrees that safety is number one when repairing brakes. Colchin Automotive advises all our customers to never take any short cuts when repairing brake systems.

You will never see a bait-and-switch price tactic from Colchin Automotive for brake system repair or any other service we offer – that’s just not cool. When authorized by you we will follow the steps listed above to come back to you with a fair and safe plan to correct the brake system on your vehicles.

Questions to Ask

1. What is your warranty on brake service?
2. What is your warranty on wear items such as the friction material?
3. Are you using good quality replacement parts?
4. When you machine brake rotors are you cutting only minimal amounts of metal?
5. What options do I have with regard to brake pad material types?
6. When should I have the brake fluid changed?

Routine Brake Service

• Replace pads.
• Machine or replace brake rotors.
• Service brake caliper slides.
• Set brake fluid level in Master Cylinder.
• Verify correct operation of parking brake.
• Road test to verify correct operation of brake system including ABS.

Additional Repairs

It is not uncommon to discover more problems during the brake system inspection process and sometimes during the brake service process. We understand this can be disappointing due to added cost however the primary goal is safety when working on brake systems. Following is a list of concerns that commonly surface but are not considered routine brake service.
• Deteriorated brake calipers components/
• Damaged brake calipers.
• Stripped bolts.
• Brake Master Cylinder failure.
• ABS sensor and wiring problems.
• Wheel Cylinder problems.
If additional repairs are required beyond the scope of what you originally authorized we will evaluate any options, estimate the additional cost and call you to discuss.
As always please ask questions because we want you to be informed about the money you spend but most of all SAFE.


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