Water Pump Replacement

When Should You Replace your Water Pump?

Water pumps should be replaced when they are leaking, experiencing impeller (the rotating part of the pump) or bearing failure and most importantly, when replacing the Timing Belt (if your engine has one). Water Pump failure leads to engine over-heating and can cause serious problems.

Possible Causes of Water Pump Failures:

  • Neglecting to flush your coolant can cause the water pump to fail
  • Water pumps can fail from design and material flaws
  • All water pumps will eventually wear out and fail
  • “Most” Timing Belt engine designs drive the water pump using the timing belt.
  • Water Pumps, when not driven by a timing belt are driven by a serpentine belt, V-belt or are gear-driven. (Electric motor-driven, on-demand water pumps are on the rise)
  • Hybrid systems are utilizing water pumps – usually an electric motor style

Common Questions

Q: Why do I have to replace my water pump when all I want is the timing belt replaced?

A: If the water pump is driven by the timing belt and the water pump fails, it will destroy the timing belt. This may cause severe internal engine damage and why most mechanics will advise you to replace the water pump when replacing the timing belt.

Q: How often should I have the water pump replaced?

A: Generally speaking this is not a “scheduled” maintenance item unless it’s in combination with timing belt replacement.

Q: How much does water pump replacement cost?

A: The cost varies widely based on your make and model. Call or email for more information.

Water pump replacement when changing your timing belt protects your engine and extends the life of your vehicle. Rely on Colchin Auto Repair in Arvada, Wheat Ridge and Denver. Call us at 303-431-5421 for more information or click here to make an appointment.



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