Is Your Car Running Rough?

Usually when someone talks about and engine running rough it’s misfiring on one or more cylinders – but not always. The perception that an engine is running rough can be caused by problems other than a misfire. That said when the engine in your vehicle is running rough this is something you want to address sooner than later because damage to other system components can occur as a result (Catalytic Converter damage is common).

Potential Causes of Rough Running
• Misfiring.
• Automatic transmission problems.
• Broken engine mounts.
• Drive axle or Drive shaft problems.
• Broken Harmonic balancer.
• Etc.
As you can see any time an engine is running rough a thorough diagnosis is in order. Colchin Automotive is the repair shop you can count on to get it right. We have so many years of experience with a myriad of vehicle problems – we’re confident that we can guide you in the right direction.
Why Engines Misfire and What Is A Misfire
When engines are not running correctly (not hitting on all cylinders) they run rough and that is called “misfiring”. A misfire is when a cylinder does not contribute on one or more occasions. You can compare this to your foot slipping off the pedal of a bicycle when you are giving it power – yeah I know you know what I’m talking about because you’ve been there. Your shin usually pays the price when the pedal smacks it.

Reasons Engines Misfire
• Worn spark plugs.
• Worn spark plug wires.
• Ignition coil failure.
• Fuel injection failures.
• Electrical circuit problems.
• Computer failure.
• Engine mechanical failures.
• Vacuum leaks / gasket failure.
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