Car Over Heating Repairs

Never remove the radiator cap when your vehicle engine is hot – it must be at ambient temperature prior to opening. Even then care must be taken as the coolant could still be under some pressure.
Please note that super-heated coolant and steam will cause severe burns to skin and eyes.
If the engine in your vehicle is over-heating to the point of boiling its coolant onto the ground the best advice we can give you is to move to a safe spot as soon as possible and turn the engine off. The reason behind this advice to purely to save money – continued driving of an over-heating engine will in most cases cause much more severe damage to engine systems.
“Over-heating” conditions vary widely, following is a list intended to help you describe to us what your engine is doing.

Causes for engine over-heating can range from a small inexpensive part to very costly failures such as cylinder head gaskets making proper diagnosis a key element in the process.
With more than 30 years of automotive experience the crew at Colchin Automotive is armed with the knowledge to guide you to making correct decisions regarding the care and maintenance of your vehicles. Please call us for your appointment.


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