Electrical System Diagnosis

It’s no surprise that Automotive Electrical Systems have evolved into complex, highly developed “nerve centers” for the modern-day automobile. Your vehicle usually gives you “warning shots” that something is wrong and these warnings come in a variety of forms all the way from an intermittent warning light on the dash panel to complete system or segment failure – and worst case – engine shut down. Most everyone we talk to doesn’t like the old “Ten-Toe Express”.
Colchin Automotive is the place you want to be when your car is experiencing electrical or electronic problems because we have the equipment, experience, training and forward thinking to efficiently diagnose Electrical System failures of all sorts. We’ll discuss the symptoms with you as well as the cost for diagnostics so you will always be aware of the costs involved with locating and correcting the Electrical System faults in your vehicle.
Colchin Automotive is very good at finding Electrical System faults because of our approach to finding the proverbial “Needle in the haystack”. We’ve been diagnosing automotive Electrical Systems for over 30 years and we’ve learned a thing or two about how to isolate intermittent and hard-to find problems. That said many vehicles play hide-and-seek with their problems especially once they arrive here at the shop – this happens more times than we care to remember. Persistence pays dividends though.
By the way we don’t like guess-work. What does this mean to you? We’re not going to keep throwing parts at the problem – in most cases this is far more costly than the diagnostics and it’s frustrating for all involved.
Call Colchin Automotive any time – we’re happy to discuss the symptoms and the possible causes with you – these conversations develop into a strategy for diagnosis.


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