Dead Battery Repair

It’s safe to say that everyone’s had this experience – It’s also safe to say that it’s just not that fun to deal with a vehicle that won’t crank. Automotive batteries go dead for a number of reasons (Old age, lights left on, vehicle problems causing a drain on the battery, Charging system failure, etc.). Batteries can be fickle to deal with, we’ve seen batteries give lots of warning signs they are dying a slow death, conversely we’ve seen healthy batteries just quit without warning.

Symptoms of Battery Failure

• Leaking
• Slow initial cranking speed
• Gassing / emitting Hydrogen gas
• Corrosion on terminals
• Bulging / distorted sides
• Dimming of lights

Symptoms of Charging System Failure

• Intermittent warning lights on dash
• Weak / slightly discharged battery
• Dimming of headlights
Some times when the engine won’t crank when you turn the ignition key to the “start” position it’s actually hard to determine if that battery is at fault or if there’s something else wrong causing this “No-crank” situation. Several things can happen that appear to be a dead battery such as vehicle security system faults, ignition key problems(electronic keys), Park/Neutral switch faults, etc.).
If your vehicle won’t crank we welcome you to call us so we can discuss the symptoms over the phone – many times we’re able to help people get the engine started from a remote location then the vehicle can be driven to the shop for testing – saves the hassle of getting a tow.


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