Automotive Clutch Repair

When the clutch pedal becomes hard to push most people call it “stiff”. The causes are few and almost all of them require the transmission to be removed from the vehicle to provide access for service. Following is a list of causes for a “stiff” clutch pedal feel.

Common Causes of a Stiff Clutch
1. Clutch pressure plate failure.
2. Clutch release bearing lubrication problems (sometime this causes damage to the front of the transmission)
3. Certain designs of clutch hydraulic parts (slave cylinder) can fail causing a stiff clutch pedal feel. (there are some designs that do not require transmission removal for service)
4. Most in-frequently the clutch pedal and its related mechanisms can develop problems that would make for a stiff pedal feel. (In this case the transmission would not be removed to correct the problem)

Symptoms of Clutch Problems
• Stiff clutch pedal
• Hard to engage gears or gears grind – Hard to shift – Needs to be diagnosed.
• Slipping – feels like the engine is down on power – revs up when you push on the throttle pedal but forward drive is limited – sort of feels like you are on ice and cannot get traction.
• Chatter – this is when the car sort of jerks as you bring the clutch pedal up from the floor when it’s time to go.
• Clutch pedal is mushy – Hydraulic system problems.
• Clutch pedal sticks near the floor – Needs to be diagnosed – several possible causes.

The most important thing you can do when you are having clutch problems is to have the Colchin crew diagnose the issues. We are very good at what we do and therefore will correctly guide you through the process to a vehicle that performs as it should.


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