Abnormal Noises Inside Or Outside The Vehicle

Over the years we’ve had many vehicles come in with a complaint of “Abnormal noise coming from somewhere around the vehicle”. Everything from wind noise to rattles, clunks, bumps, clicks, knocking, squeaking, howling, buzzing, and so on. Abnormal noises arise for a multitude of reasons such as a worn out part, damage to the vehicle, deterioration of insulation, lubrication problems, design faults, assembly faults during manufacture or during vehicle service – inside or outside the vehicle. At Colchin Automotive we’ve got the experience, tooling, data bases, fortitude and persistence to locate the source of the noise in the most efficient manner possible. In addition to all this our process is as follows;

1. Interview: Spend time with you to glean as much detail about the noise as possible.

2. Take a Ride: When necessary one of our technicians will go for a ride with you in your vehicle with the goal of witnessing the sounds. This is a critical step because it allows our technicians to “connect” with the sound. Once we connect with an abnormal sound coming from a vehicle we can zero in on the source.

3. Research:Once the sound(s) are identified we search our databases to check for a pattern identified by the manufacturer. Pattern failures are usually accompanied by a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) – a document produced by the manufacturer talking about cause, effect and cure.

4.Hands On Work: Get busy working on the vehicle to locate the root cause of your complaint.Of course there will be discussions with you about cost to diagnose and cost to repair once the problem is identified – you’ll be kept in the loop ofdecision making.
Call us to discuss you automotive questions – spending time with people is a big part of our service.


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